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Business Case - Content Management for Medical Transcriptions

About the Client

Client is Online Provides online health professional education and reliable health information for consumers and professionals. NPS is funded by Department of Health, Australian government

Target Segment
• Anyone who is health conscious
• Healthcare professionals

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Our Solutions

° Various Widgets were customized / design changed to suit the customer needs.
° NPS web application is integrated with CRM and the flow of information is validated.
° Table widget is created using CK Table editor tool and then integrated into Scrivito CMS.
° Redesign of the application UI/UX Templates to suit the current need of the organization
° Elastic Search is implemented in NPS website search
° Web & Mobile

Executive Summary

° NPS application need to compliant for comply with WACG 2.0 specification
° Creation / Customization of various Widgets including table widget, image widget etc,
° Redesign of the application UI/UX Templates to suit the current need of organization

Business Challenges

° Content update is difficult to update and needs technical knowledge to update.
° Table creation inside the Scrivito requires technical knowledge.
° Web application and CRM integration
° UI/UX redesign for the entire application
° Irrelevant Search results

Technology Landscape

Layer Technology
Backend API Frame work scrivito
Version control Git
Database Postgres
Analytics Google Charts, Google analytics
Testing tool Cucumber
Web Server Apache
App Server Puma

Application Preview

Value Proposition

° NPS is CMS based application where the contents can be updated regularly
° Content updations is made easy
° Tables can be created (like a spreadsheet) more easily and no technical knowledge is required.
° All the users are captured in CRM which can be used for further processing like managing users subscription.
° Elastic search is used to in NPS website search which improved the search results and also suggested the search wordings when the user types letters.

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