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Food Temperature monitoring and controlling mobile apps

About the Client

Target Segment

° Client is a Government Agency for food safety – Department of Health
° Headquarter in Victoria, Australia
° Retail shops, Petty shops, Storage warehouses
° Automate the process of Measuring the temperature of a food item for reporting in order to comply with regulations of Regional Food Safety departments.

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Our Solutions

° Simple, Ease of use forms for automated data entry of food items Master details
° Integration with a Temperature Sensor using infra red gun
° Information recorded in the app made available in a central web server for monitoring
° Compliance related forms are automated
° Food safety inspectors can just login to the application to verify the records of any food service business in their locality

Application Landscape



° Hardware integration
° IOS & Android Apps
° Automatic temperature controls
° Online Integration
° Ease of Food Safety regulations

Technology Landscape

Layer Technology
Application Development Elixir,Cocoa framework - Android, iOS6, Eclipse - Android SDK
Server information Phusion Passenger, Apache
Testing Tools CucumberRobot based testing
Database MySQL
User interface Parallax UI

Project Duration

Requirements (45 days)
Design & Development (180 days)
Testing (45 days)
UAT (30 days)
Support (30 days)

Value Proposition

Impact on Client Problems Our solutions Value
Costs Food safety manager had to physically visit the stores to check the temperature and record it Automated online integration. Food safety inspector can control the temperatures from his office Reduced travel costs
Time Record time in laptops and then consolidate using offline tools Online integration between the mobileapps and webapps helped immediate reports Reduced time for checks
Productivity Manual reading and recording took time and could not cover all points Automatic interface with Thermostat helped the client to do quicker and frequent checks Increased productivity
Productivity Client’s client had to record the temperature and report on a hourly basis – Open loop Automatic temperature measure and alert helped closed loop Increased productivity
Security Client had concern about data security in the application Oauth Framework for enhanced Security of data Data protection

Implementation & Support Process


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