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Customer Engagement and Survey Apps integrated with beacons

About the Client

Target Segment

° Education, Citizen Engagement, Retail, Financial Services, Travel
° Client is based out of USA & India
° Through apps end to end listen-engage-act technology, brand owners can not only be a part of client’s conversations about shared experiences but also shape public perception and truly influence behavior.

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Our Solutions

° Simple, Ease of use forms feedback mechanism along with Proximity Marketing concepts implemented
° Listen, Engage and Act with the customers
° Influence customer perceptions and make them strong advocates of your brand
° Integration with a Beacon – Estimote (BlueTooth Connectivity)
° Information collected in the app made available in a central web server for analysis
° Continuous feedback collection and data analysis helps as a input to top brass of the company and also for marketing & sales teams

Application Landscape



° Beacons Hardware integration
° Android Apps
° Automatic survey push
° Online Integration
° Proximity Based Survey
° Survey Analytic

Technology Landscape

Layer Technology
Application Development Elixir,Eclipse- Android SDK
Server information AWS Hosting,Phusion Passenger, Apache
Testing Tools Rspec, Cucumber
Database MySQL
User interface BootStrap Responsive UI
Hardware Beacon – Estimote

Project Duration

Requirements (30 days)
Design & Development (90 days)
Testing (30days)
UAT (30 days)

Value Proposition

Impact on Client Problems Our solutions Value
Costs Client has shortage of Beacons to test and hardware related requirements are challenging. Started communicating to the hardware team on behalf of the customers and built the prototype with just 2 beacons. Hardware cost
Productivity Shorter deployment cycles in accordance with client’s client demand DevOps resources were utilized in the project to improve the deployment life cycle. Increased productivity, more deployments
Security Brands had concern about data security in the application Multitenant concepts implemented to protect the customer data sharing by different brands on one server deployment Data protection
Technical Solution Beacon protocols are not stable & limited documentation on hardware Worked directly with hardware team and built the prototype. Reduce time to market

Implementation & Support Process


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