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Blockchain solution for Patients Electronic Medical Records

About the Client

Client is one of the  largest Hospital Chain group based out in India operating in multiple cities. The idea of Blockchain came from the Group to which the Hospital belongs and need was to create a Proof of Concept to test the market before working on a full fledged Product. There were many challenges in implementing the solution due to change management approach as well as being a new trend. POC was to implement a Blockchain based solution in which the Patient information will be maintained centrally and Patient shares the data to different peers.

The solution is based on Ethereum, reactjs and nodejs. Scroll down to read more...

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Problems & Challenges

Problem Statement

In short, the patient must own the medical history and not the hospitals. Patient can change locations or hospitals but the medical history remains the same. This helps the patient to avoid spending for repeated tests, false diagnosis and transfer the history from one hospital or Clinic to another one. However doing so holds security threats to the data. The patient information must not be misused and it is the patient who decides to share the information. In today scenario
° Hospitals own the records of Patients
° Hospitals are not willing to transfer the data when Patient moves to another Hospital or Clinic
° Patient has no clues about the medical records and diagnosis results
° High spending by Patients due to repeated diagnosis (same checks)
° Data security and misuse of data
° Patient data sold to multiple third parties without the knowledge or confirmation of Patients


Following were/are the Challenges in implementing the Blockchain Solutions
° Each hospitals use different Softwares and collecing information from all of them was a challenge
° The objective was not to replace the existing system but to make the Blockchain application co-exist with the existing solutions. For this, the existing Software providers had to provide data through APIs and file transfers through secured connections
° The Change is a paradigm shift and implementing this solutions needs lot of focus by Hospitals as well as willingness of Patients. At the end, the application benefits the Patients to a great extent
° Political influences in implementating the Solutions
° Solution is not effective until all the Hospitals get registered in the portal.

Our Solutions

° Our Ethereum based Blockchain framework was used to configure the solutions. The framework handles the Blockchain part and already proven for other projects like e-invoicing, Certification Portal.
° UI/UX specific to Hospital Management was developed and integrated with Blockchain framework
° Homegrown middleware was used for data collection from various sources. This has been built only for specific file types like JSON, XML and with protocols SFTP and HTTPS. When system will scale up, the middleware will be changed to top products like TIBCO, SterlingIntegrator etc.
° Centralized Blockchain solution for maintaining patient records. Decentralized foreseen in future when more actors get involved.
° Only key information like Patient ID, Patient name, Visit, Diagnosis and reports are stored in Blockchain

Application Flow

Samples Screen Shots

Technology Stack

Ethereum in a decentralized platform. The apps run on a custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property

web3.js is a collection of libraries which allow us to interact with a local or remote ethereum node, using a HTTP or IPC connection.

React and Nodejs are used to create certificate verification web application

Project Schedules

Requirements (30 days)
Design & Development (90 days)
Testing (90 days)
UAT (30 days)

Value Proposition

° Establish smart contract between the participants.
° Get consensus between the peers automatically based on smart contracts.
° Transmit medical records electronically without the need of any central certifying authority.
° Transmit PDF without the need of digital signatures.
° Transmit encrypted data within the peer to peer network.
° Log any action between various participants as per need to know basis for full transparency.
° Track changes and trace back .

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