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Retina Tracking apps for Mannequins

About the Client

This is our own Product that answers the question for Retail Industries “How effective are Mannequins?”
° Product aims to track retina of the passersby and the Customers to observe their behavior and area of interest to take decisions on the effectiveness of keeping Mannequins as well as their location effectiveness
° The primary target group are Retail Shops. Secondary target group is any industry that would like to observe the Eye tracking of its Customers or interest groups
° Open MV used for Retina tracker and providers highly interactive and useful dashboards. The tracking of the area of interest is not just at the level of mannequins but also the exact location of interest on a mannequin.
° Fully complied with GDPR. Application does not capture any image or videos. It just tracks the retina and stores data on the count, date time, location, area of interest and other parameters to provide data to the Retail shop owners and marketing teams.

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Our Solutions

° A Private Cloud based environment with multi-tenancy
° Subscribe to web apps hosted in the private cloud and register the Company (basically the retail shop)
° Web apps is for registration and to store the data from Camera. In order to have high performance the data is not streamed to cloud but to the local machine that then interacts with the mobile apps.
° Define the Mannequins in the shop with names for identification
° Group of Mannequins can be tracked with single camera
° Individual Mannequins can be tracker with individual cameras.
° The decision of defining the interest object is purely up to the Retail shop depending on which level the tracking is needed
° Download the mobile apps and provide the identification number and password.
° Take the picture of the mannequins. Follow the steps
° Mark the position of the camera
° Mark the areas of interest in the mannequins or part of a mannequin like shirt or pant etc.
° Once the setup is done, the streaming starts and records the retina counts

Executive Summary

° Subitomf application and the public webpage are integrated currently. For marketing purposes, FCM wanted the public landing pages and the application to be separated.
° Implementation of the public search which allows the Visitors to search the musicians without Orchestra registration
° Redesign of the application UI/UX Templates to suit the new Theme and layout that will be purchased for public pages

Business Challenges

° Application was helping the users to find musicians in their locality
° The Objective of the Project is to take thumbnail photo from the profile picture (which is of different sizes and poses) uploaded by the musicians using AI (Image recognition)

Technology Landscape

Layer Technology
Backend API Frame work Ruby on Rails
Version control Git
AI Ruby language converted from Python for Image recognition and cropping
Database Postgres
Analytics Google Charts, Google analytics
Testing tool Cucumber
Web Server nginx
App Server Passenger

Application Preview

Value Proposition

° The apps provides the source of interest in mannequins. How effective these mannequins are attracting the Customers and Passers.
° Based on the data captured, visitors behavior analysis is done
° Various dashboards can be visualized in web and mobile apps
° Mannequin vs Retina counts
° Mannequin interest areas vs Retina counts
° Time Vs Retina Counts
° Mannequin vs Duration of Retina counts
° Mannequin interest areas vs Duration of Retina counts
° The apps can also be used for other industries as Hoarding based Advertisement tracking.

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