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Business Case of Zoo trackers based on i-beacons in integration with web and mobile apps

About the Client

° Client is based out of Switzerland
° Client owns a Zoo with varieties of animals, birds and other earthly species
° This Zoo is one of the unique Zoo’s of India
° This Zoo is undergoing the most expensive expansion in its history and the Beacon nearables are implemented at a experimental level in a small segment

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Our Solutions

° Simple, Ease of use information sharing mechanism along with Proximity Statistics concepts implemented
° Engage visitors with information of interests
° Help visitors to get a better perceptions about the zoo and make them strong advocates of the brand
° Integration with a Beacon – Estimote (BlueTooth Connectivity)
° Information collected in the Android app made available in a central web server for analysis
Continual feedback collection from visitors and data analysis helps as a input to improve the Zoo environment

Web enabled
Secured networking
Workflow enabled
Integration with other web applications and search engines
Excel exports and imports Print Pdf, doc, tiff etc
Google map integration with location services of the property

Application Flow

Technology Stack

Layer Technology
Application Development iOS, Eclipse- Android SDK, Elixir
Server information AWS Hosting, Phusion Passenger, Apache
User interface BootStrap Responsive UI
Hardware Beacon – Estimote
Database MySQL
Testing tool Rspec, Cucumber

Project Schedules

Scoping (3months)
Design & Development (9 months)
Testing (3 months)
Support (3month)

Value Proposition

Impact on Client Problems Our solutions Value
Costs Client has shortage of Beacons to test and hardware related requirements are challenging. Started communicating to the hardware team on behalf of the customers and built the prototype with just 3 beacons.. Hardware cost
Productivity Shorter deployment cycles in accordance with client’s client demand DevOps resources were utilized in the project to improve the deployment life cycle. Increased productivity, more deployments
Branding Zoo cannot collect visitors data and analyze, so to plan the improvements in Zoo environment Collecting user information and providing basic analytics in Admin Dashboard. Improved Planning
Technical Solution Beacon protocols are not stable & limited documentation on hardware Worked directly with hardware team and built the prototype. Reduce time to market

Implementation & Support Process


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